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"Authentically refined Indonesian cuisine, with delicate traditional art on the side."

Double Ikat at Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa is located next to the resort's infinity pool overlooking the views of the scenic horizon beyond. It is the place to go to discover the essence of local Balinese and Indonesian cuisine.

The restaurant's namesake is inspired by an indigenous weaving technique that requires the highest skill to use, involving painstaking tying and dying to create a perfectly woven fabric. This inspiration is represented in the restaurant's approach toward authentic Balinese and Indonesian cuisines by meticulously weaving vibrant local flavors with innovative modern cooking techniques.

Welcoming you at the restaurant entrance is colorful spools of thread and a traditional loom, well-maintained and fully functional, demonstrating the complexities of weaving Ikat traditional cloth. Rows of tables are separated by screens made to resemble threaded looms set on wooden frames, simultaneously creating an iconic backdrop and a degree of privacy. The plates are decorated with a crisscross pattern - an homage to the intricate craft of weaving, and the cushion covers boast rich colors and patterns from Indonesian Ikat fabrics.

In addition to bringing a sleek and refined touch to a well-known local craft, Double Ikat also aims to recreate the warm hospitality usually found in Indonesian homes. Therefore, it's only natural to start the experience with a sambal-making demonstration, using a traditional mortar and pestle, right on your table. Add assorted Indonesian crackers to dip in the sambal, and your palate is more than ready.

The menu comprises the best-loved dishes from several regions in Indonesia. Authenticity is paramount at Double Ikat, as high-quality ingredients sourced locally and flavors stay true to traditional Indonesian recipes, enhanced by meticulous preparation and presentation.

In 2021, Double Ikat was recognized by Marriott International as one of the Top 100 Restaurants & Bars in Asia Pacific. This recognition further reaffirms Double Ikat's commitment and dedication to presenting a high-quality dining experience that celebrates the authentic local flavors in Uluwatu, Bali.

Dining time at Double Ikat makes a great preview and conclusion to Indonesia's treasures in craft and cuisine by bringing what is traditional and authentic to a new age in the country's culinary scene.